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Hi, we’re Harm and Antonio, and before standing here, Riola San Gabriel was simply a dream with no name. We dreamt of a place that functions with respect for the land, and people who come to stay.

San Gabriel is the outward expression of ourselves. 

Riola San Gabriel is an eco space, prioritising sustainability through living off our land, harvesting our vegetable garden, and working in collaboration with neighbouring villages to provide not only the freshest, but the most responsibly-sourced produce. 

With a herb and vegetable garden, and olive trees sprinkled on our land, we aim to be as self-regenerating as possible. 

We are a place of music and collaboration, with local and international musicians, coming to play, and a concert programme. You may even hear Antonio rehearsing the marimba for his next concert. 

We are a place of visual art and design, with an art collection from local, and international artists alike. Riola San Gabriel offers the perfect artiler, and as a designer himself, Harm knows firsthand how creativity, inspiration, and Riola San Gabriel go hand-in-hand. 

A contemporary, queer and hetero-friendly space, Riola San Gabriel is a space where fluidity in identity is cherished, we’re excited to welcome you.

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